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School Bikeability Level 3

School Bikeability Level 3 is the highest level of school Bikeability training and gives children a wide range of cycling techniques and safety knowledge.

Age group: Year 7 and above.

Duration: Four sessions per group run over five-day period. Each day has two sessions.

Group size: The children are taken out in groups of four (maximum) by two qualified cycle instructors. Each group will do two 2-hour sessions. We run two groups per day, therefore 12 children can take part in each course.

Training area

Level 1 training takes place entirely in your playground or other suitable tarmac area. Level 2 training is on quiet local roads, and Level 3 takes place on busier roads. 
All training sites are risk-assessed by a cycle instructor prior to use.

Course structure Levels 1, 2 and 3

Initially, Level 1 is covered with all 12 trainees. Then we work in groups of four for the Level 2 training, which allows the children to interact with real traffic. However, we ensure the group uses quiet roads.

By completing Level 2, children show they have the skills to make a cycle journey safely on quiet roads and cycle lanes, perhaps to school or to see friends.

Level 3 teaches the children more advanced techniques, such as road positioning, how to use junctions with traffic lights, roundabouts and multi-lane roads.

Session 1: Trainees’ bikes are adjusted and helmets are fitted. Level 1 training is completed/reaffirmed.

Session 2: Level 2 on-road training begins.

Session 3: Level 2 training is completed and Level 3 training begins on the roads and junctions that trainees are likely to use on their way to school.

Session 4: Level 3 training is completed, including preparing for cycle journeys and advanced road positioning and using complex roads and junctions.

Post session: Feedback and Bikeability awards are distributed to the participants.

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