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School Bikeability Level 1

School Bikeability Level 1 provides an introduction to responsible and controlled cycling. It builds confidence and ability in an enjoyable and engaging way.

Age group: Years 3 and 4 [Or this can be booked by a secondary school as a 'This Girl Can' course].

Duration: Each group has two 2-hour sessions running over a two-day period.

Group size: 20 children can be trained per two-day course. The children are trained in groups of 10 (maximum) by two qualified cycle instructors and we can run two groups per day.

Training area

Level 1 training takes place entirely in your school playground or other suitable tarmac area. The area is risk assessed by an instructor prior to use.

Course structure

This course aims to get children enjoying cycling and it gives them the basic bike control skills to help them develop as responsible cyclists.

Session 1: Trainees’ bikes are adjusted and helmets are fitted. Level 1 training commences.

Session 2: Level 1 training is continued and completed.

The training follows the National Standards, incorporating many fun activities and games to make training engaging, enjoyable and effective.

Post session: Feedback and Bikeability awards are distributed to the participants.

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