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School Bikeability training

Islington Council offers free Bikeability courses for children in our schools.

Bikeability cycling skills

Bikeability is a series of practical cycling skills taught in three levels, so children can understand how to ride on today’s roads. Each skill level teaches valuable cycling knowledge. Children gain the confidence to make safe and independent journeys by bike. On completion of their school Bikeability course, each child receives a certificate, booklet and badge.

If you are parent or carer looking for Bikeability courses for your child outside of school, please visit Bikeability training for my child. There you'll find information about booking Bikeability and family cycle skills sessions.

Available school Bikeability courses

There are three different levels of school Bikeability courses available. Please ensure you book the right one for your school group.

What Bikeability can do for your school

Bikeability is a cross curricular opportunity that can help your school reach its targets for attainment, health and wellbeing, citizenship, sports and social development.

There is more information to discover in a downloadable PDF called What Bikeability can do for your school.

Bikeability Level 1 (Year 3 or 4)

This is a two-day course for children in Year 3 or 4. It can be held in the school playground or other off-road space.

You can find out more information on the Bikeability Level 1 page.

Bikeability Level 2 (Year 5 or 6)

This is a four-day course for children in Years 5 or 6. It is for children who can already cycle well, but have little or no experience of road cycling. This course begins off-road covering basic skills, progressing to local roads where the children learn road positioning, basic manoeuvres and communicating with other road users.

You can find out more information on the Bikeability Level 2 page.

Bikeability Level 3 (secondary school pupils)

This is an advanced five-day course for secondary school-age pupils to master busier roads and complex junctions. The course covers the Level 2 Bikeability syllabus as well as more advanced features of road riding and other Level 3 cycling techniques.

You can find out more information on the Bikeability Level 3 page.

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