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Family cycle skills

If you want to gain confidence and learn the skills to cycle as a family, our qualified instructors will teach you how to cycle with children starting with quiet routes and parks.

Learn cycle skills as a family

We’ll work on your bike control and road cycling skills and teach you how to ride together with your children. These sessions also offer the opportunity to build on or prepare for Bikeability skills taught in schools.

Groups with different ages may have very different abilities, and we can only progress from one skill to another when they are mastered by everyone in the group.

If you live, work or study in Islington you are entitled to two free family cycle skills sessions. We can train you in a family group, made up of at least one adult (aged 18+), and at least one child (aged 5-17).

Valuable skills for all ages

If your children are new to cycling, please book a holiday course on our school holiday Bikeability page. Our family sessions are designed for children who can already ride and control a bike.

Training will begin off-road, followed by on-road training if our instructor judges that you have achieved the right level of skill. On-road training is delivered to groups of two, which must be one adult and one child aged 9 or older.

We can loan you bikes and helmets for the training if required. It is council policy that anyone aged under 18 should wear a helmet during cycle training. Please ask your instructor about this when they first contact you.

Every member of the training group (including accompanying adults) will be listed as attendees, which means you have consented to our terms and conditions.

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