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Workplace cycle skills

We offer free workplace cycle skills sessions to companies and organisations in our borough.

Book workplace cycle skills

Workplace cycling vouchers

If you're an employee and have been provided a voucher code by your company, you can find out when the next sessions are via the link below.

If we do not currently work with your company, we would love to do so as encouraging cycling in the workplace can have real benefits.

Wellbeing in the workplace

Fitter and healthier staff have increased motivation, productivity and this leads to a feeling of wellbeing throughout the workplace.

Employers can achieve these goals with their employees by promoting free cycle skills sessions in the workplace, engaging the services of a regular Dr Bike at your premises or by running bike maintenance classes for employees.

Workplace cycling schemes

We can also advise on long-term aims, such as offering a Cycle to Work Scheme, improving bicycle parking and setting up a bike pool for staff.

Why not put together a team of your colleagues to take part in the London Cycle Challenge? Simply log your cycling miles and you could win some prizes! Find out more at

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