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Please note: Only Skip companies who hold a waste carriers licence and at least 5 million public liability insurance can apply to place a skip on the Highway.

Application submitted not by a skip company will be refused and no refund payable 

Residents and customers can pay the relevant parking fees.

Please complete the skip licence online application, it will take up to five days to process your application.

You will need the following information to complete the online application:

  • Name and address of your skip company
  • Location of skip
  • Length of time skip will be on road
  • Date skip to be delivered
  • Registered number (if company)
  • Contact details of the person responsible for the site

A licence is needed to place a skip on the highway or a single yellow line, it costs £87.00 per calendar month.

If you intend to put a skip in a parking bay you will need an additional permit which costs £59.00 per bay, per day. Please use this form to apply for permission.

If you want a specific parking bay reserved for your skip you can have the bay suspended, for more information see below.


A parking suspension will temporarily prohibit waiting and loading within the suspended area and any vehicles parked within one may receive a ticket and be relocated.

Download our application form complete it, scan it and email it to us.

We can only suspend parking spaces on the public highway. We cannot suspend yellow lines, zebra crossings or keep clear areas.

The council is not responsible for suspensions on red routes, housing estates or private roads.

Suspension charges

Please note that a parking bay may be a large stretch of parking area and contain several individual parking spaces.

The cost for a resident to suspend a bay for a single day is £92.65 and £29.50 for each subsequent parking space per day.

The cost for a business or utility company to suspend a bay is £193.50 for the first day and £29.50 for each subsequent parking space per day.

Payment information must be included on the application form, either credit card details, or indicate that you are enclosing a cheque.

Emirates Stadium

There are restrictions on skips located on roads near to Arsenal football club for matches and events at the Emirates. Skips on these roads need to be removed at least seven hours before the start of any match. If necessary the council will remove a skip, for which a charge will be made. This is payable before the skip will be released.

Below you can download the document called 'skip road restrictions' to find a list of roads affected by these restrictions.

Traffic sensitive roads

There are restrictions on skips located on traffic sensitive roads.Below you can download the document called 'List of Traffic Sensitive Road Skip Restrictions' to find a list of roads affected by these restrictions.

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