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Play Streets

Play Streets give local children a safe and secure environment to play outdoors near their home for a few hours. Children and families in Islington are set to reclaim the streets, thanks to a new scheme that closes selected streets to through traffic, turning them into temporary Play Streets.

If you want to make a difference to the community spirit in your area, apply for a temporary Play Street order - essential if you want to close your street for up to three hours per week, month or quarter.

How do I apply for a temporary Play Street order?

Talk to your neighbours and explain what you want to do. Remember to tell them that the street will not be closed completely - people living on the street will still be able to drive to and from their homes, albeit at a walking pace to protect the young people playing.

Recruit friends or neighbours to help on the day, as you'll need people to stay at each end of the street and advise drivers about the temporary street closure.

We can only agree to road closures during daylight hours, so please consider varying your play times to suit the time of year.

Unlike other temporary road closures, there will be no charge to process this application.

You can find the application form and guidance notes at the bottom of this page.

How we can help

If your application is approved Islington Council will provide the temporary traffic signs and cones required for the road closures free of charge. These may need to be stored by the Play Street organisation for use at future events. We will also be available to meet your volunteer team before the first event, to advise on the way the road closures must be carried out.

Benefits of Play Streets

  • Allow children to play near home

  • Give children the space to play energetically

  • Increase the sense of community by bringing neighbours together

Play Streets in Islington

There are currently eleven active play streets in Islington;

  • Canning Road, N5

  • Dresden Road, N19

  • Fairbridge Road, N19

  • Freegrove Road, N7

  • Lofting Road, N1

  • Legard Road, N5

  • Tavistock Terrace, N19

  • St Georges Avenue, N19

  • Highwood Road, N19

  • Beversbrook Road N19

  • Hugo Road N19

To view these streets on a map click here.

Further information

If you have any questions, please contact the Traffic & Safety Team on 020 7527 2547 or email

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