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Highway services

The maintenance of Islington's streets is divided between:

  • roads maintained by Transport for London(TfL)
  • private roads, including Islington's housing estates
  • all others, which Islington Council maintains

Islington Highways:

Length of Islington's public highway

Islington km

Private km

TfL km

A Roads




B Roads




C Roads








Private and estate roads




You can report street issues and problems through My eAccount – an online system which allows you to manage your council accounts in the same place.

Then choose the appropriate link to open an electronic form for you to submit your report to the council.

Red routes

Repairing damage to the Red Routes, which includes the old trunk roads within Islington is the responsibility of TfL. Red Routes can usually be identified by the red road markings but side streets off Red Routes marked with red lines near the junction are maintained by Islington.

For further information, refer to the TfL Contact Centre:

Tel: 0845 305 1234

Private roads

Private roads are not generally the council's responsibility, although the housing department is responsible for maintaining their roads and pavements.

It is possible that the footway on a public highway street may contain areas of private property/footway even though the public may walk on the private property/footway and treat it as if it were part of the public highway.

Designing highways for adoption

We can adopt some private roads. The designing highways for adoption document is intended to provide guidance on the design and construction of roads for adoption. Also see the commuted sum guidance note.

Street furniture

Street furniture that may require maintenance includes:

  • broken or seriously dislodged bollards
  • damaged guard rail that could cause injury to pedestrians
  • fly tipped builder's rubble
  • hazardous posts with signs attached or signs with head room less than 2.4m
  • signs facing the wrong way

With some faults requiring urgent repair, the delivery time for equipment takes several weeks. In certain circumstances, make safe measures may be required.

The majority of other faults which do not pose a hazard will be repaired under normal planned programmed maintenance.

London permit scheme

The Traffic Management Act Permit Scheme (England) (Amendment) Regulations 2015 (Statutory Instrument 2015 No. 958), came into force on the 30th of June 2015. Regulation 14 of the Amendment regulations requires that Permit Authorities be compliant by 1st of October 2015.

In order to comply with these regulations Transport for London and the London Permit Authorities have made the appropriate changes to the London Permit Scheme and the amended scheme will come into effect on the 1st of October 2015.

Please see the Order bringing the schemein to effect on Islington’s public road network. The amended scheme is attached as a schedule to this order.


In accordance with Islington’s responsibilities for flood management, we jointly commissioned the North London Strategic Flood Risk Assessment with other north London Boroughs. There is also a Multi-Agency Flood Plan for Islington that is being developed into a Flood Risk Management Plan in accordance with the Flood Risk Regulations 2009.

Islington’s plans will incorporate the appropriate elements of the Thames Flood Risk Management Plan.

Highways Asset Management Plan

The Highways Service maintains an asset management plan that sets out how the highway assets are valued and the context of the road network within the local community.

Islington Highways Handbook

We sustain our streets to the best affordable standards and the Islington Highways Handbook sets out how we inspect and maintain our highways assets.

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