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Drayton Park 3.5 tonne trial Weight Restriction

Islington Council acknowledges local resident support for reducing Heavy Goods Vehicles (vehicles with an un-laden weight of 3.5 tonnes or more) from using the Highbury West area as a through-route between the A1 (Holloway Road) and the A1201 (Blackstock Road). The council has decided to trial a 3.5 tonne weight restriction on Drayton Park because this is an intrinsic part of the short-cut used by lorries to travel in both directions between the A1 and A1201.

The trial period will last for 18 months under an Experimental Traffic Order. This will allow the council to monitor traffic data and get feedback from the public before any decision is made to make the changes permanent. This will also mean we can make any necessary changes to improve the scheme if there are negative impacts.

The trial will start on 29 March 2019 and will be enforced through the use of a smart enforcement camera, rather than using a physical width restriction.

Please see the Frequently Asked Questions in useful documents section for more details on the planned trial.

If you have any further questions regarding the proposals, please contact council officer Chris Loughran by email at christopher.loughran@islington.gov.uk or by telephone on 020 7527 3734.

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