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Electric cars

Find electric car charging points in Islington, as well as information about parking permits and congestion charge exemptions.

Apply to use a charging point

To use a council charging point, you need to apply for an electric vehicle charging point (EVCP) permit.

  • it costs £67 for the first year and then £20 annually
  • the permit means you can park by a charger when you’re using it
  • you’ll receive a smart card to activate the charger
  • you’ll need to provide your own cable
  • can use any available council charging point

To apply: 

Find council charging point locations 

When you’ve subscribed to use Islington council charging points, you can use these points:

  • Alexander Road N19 3PQ – opposite numbers 62/ 64
  • 2-4 Tufnell Park Road N7 0QA – near Holloway Road end
  • Cahill Street EC1Y 8SA - near Peabody Buildings, Block J, Dufferin Street
  • Farringdon Lane, EC1R 0NA - near the junction with Vine Street Bridge
  • Giesbach Road N19 3EH – near the junction with Holloway Road
  • Hall Street EC1V 7LX - near the junction with Goswell Road
  • Hemingford Road N1 1DA – at the Hemingford Road/ Belitha Villas/ Huntingdon Street junction
  • Highbury Crescent N5 1RN - outside Highbury swimming pool
  • Lever Street EC1V 3RH - near the junction with Ironmonger Row
  • Pooles Park N4 3PG – near the junction with Carville Street
  • Sheringham Road N7 8PB - near the junction with Lough Road (rapid charger)
  • St. Johns Grove N19 5RW – near the junction with junction Road
  • St. Luke’s Close EC1V 3QL - near the junction with Old Street
  • Tolpuddle Street N1 0XT - outside the Culpeper Park playground

Pay as you go charging points

  • Pemberton Gardens N19 5RU – at junction of Junction Road (rapid charger)

Other charging points

There is currently a trail of pay-as-you-go lamppost- mounted chargers you can use:

  • Balfe street x2 N1
  • Railway street N1 9EB

To use them, visit the Ubitricity website

Parking permit for electric vehicle owners

If you own an electric vehicle, you can get a free resident parking permit.

For more information see Islington council parking permits.

Congestion charge

Depending on the CO2 emissions of your car, you could be entitled to discounted or free congestion charge.

Find out more about congestion charge on the TfL website

Charging point not working?

Telephone 01273 947 947 while at the charging point .

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