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Islington Cycling Quietway 2

Islington Council has secured £2 million from Transport for London (TfL) to deliver cycle facility improvements on new cycle routes in the borough. The first of these routes is Quietway 2 / Grid Route 3 from St Pancras to Walthamstow which has a section running through Islington. This new route, which goes from Margery Street to Angel to New North Road, is one of four cycle routes being delivered in Islington by December 2016 as part of the Mayor of London’s Vision for Cycling encouraging more people to cycle safely and more often in London.

It is part of TfL’s Central London Cycle Grid which is a set of safe connected routes for cyclists across central London that will include a mixture of Quietways and Superhighways. 

It is also part of the outer London Quietway route: St Pancras to Walthamstow (Islington section). Quietways are slower, direct routes on low-traffic side streets for those wanting a more relaxed journey. They are for cyclists of all abilities, ages and backgrounds. Grid routes link destinations following backstreet routes, through parks, along waterways or along tree-lined streets and are intended to appeal to cyclist who want to cycle slowly, in their ordinary clothes away from most of the traffic.

Islington is working to improve the route for cyclists. We have already calmed traffic in this area introducing some road closures and making sure all are within 20mph zones. Other improvements delivered or due to be delivered include:

  • ​Making Owen Street (a private road by Goswell Road) legally open to be used by cyclists and pedestrians to provide the only link between this and St John Street.
  • 170m of widened segregated cycle lanes
  • 11 speed humps amended to smooth the route for cycles
  • 3 new footway extensions to allow us to move the give way line at junctions and improve position of waiting motor vehicles, to assist them seeing approaching cyclists.
  • 8 new entry treatments to reduce the speed of motor vehicles entering and exiting side roads to assist in protecting cycles as well as providing better crossing facilities for pedestrians. 
  • 4 new traffic islands to protect turning cycles.
  • 2 revised road closures or width restrictions to provide two-way cycle facilities.
  • Parking bays amended or removed to improve visibility of cyclists and prevent collisions. 
  • 2 large junction tables to reduce the speed of motor vehicles at crossroads on the cycle route.
  • New Quietway signs highlighting this route which runs from St Pancras to Walthamstow and which will link with a number of other that cross it. Quietway signs include location, route signing and distances to destinations on various routes

The Council is largely completed the work on this route and plans to sign the route in Autumn 2016, we are also working with TfL and Hackney to look at how best to link the route to neighbouring boroughs.  

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