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Islington Cycle Programme

Islington Council has a strong, proactive agenda for traffic reduction, cycling and walking. 

Islington was the first borough to introduce a borough wide 20mph speed limit and we are working with Transport for London (TfL) to extend this significant road safety measure to the TfL road network to help prevent fatalities and serious injuries. We have worked closely with the Mayor of London and TfL to improve conditions on the TfL Road Network (TLRN) and major roads, and to deliver safer cycle routes on quieter roads.

Improvements to cycling facilities on main roads, cross-borough roads and at gyratories

Islington Council has played a central role in putting the transformation of Archway Gyratory, Old Street Roundabout and Highbury Corner onto Transport for London’s agenda. We campaigned for a decade and took the lead on developing a feasible design for removing Archway Gyratory. This recently completed scheme has delivered segregated cycle tracks and far better conditions for both cyclists and pedestrians, a brand new public space and an overall revitalisation of the town centre. 

We are committed to reviewing the scheme and where there are improvements to be made the Council will work closely with TfL to do so. Old Street Roundabout is due to follow soon, with segregated cycle tracks and an exciting new public space. Plans for Highbury Corner are also highly developed and are likely to also get the go-ahead very soon.

Improvements to cycle and pedestrian facilities in Islington

Islington is developing a number of Quietways with the support of TfL. Quietways follow backstreet routes, through parks, along waterways or tree-lined streets. They are for new and existing cyclists who want a safer cycling experience and to travel at a slower pace.

We are developing a number of routes and are turning in-principle support into committed funding, which, in turn, will lead to actual physical improvements.

Delivery status update for the Balls Pond Road section of Cycle Superhighway 1

We are working closely with our neighbours Hackney Council (who manage the road on behalf of the two boroughs), and TfL to reach the best solution on the Balls Pond Road part of Cycle Superhighway 1. Islington Council has provided constructive feedback to its partners, and has proposed alternative designs for the route. We are working with London’s Commissioner for Walking and Cycling, Hackney and TfL to find a technically feasible design solution for this link. TfL is currently undertaking further options assessment and traffic modelling, which should lead to a solution that meets the aspirations and standards of a high quality Cycle Superhighway link.

Improvements to the Nags Head Gyratory

The Nags Head one-way system is probably the most complex traffic system in the borough. The Council continues to work closely with TfL to secure a solution here for pedestrians, bus passengers and cyclists and which also supports local businesses. To achieve real change in this area, a certain level of compromise is likely to be required, but we remain committed to achieve substantial improvements in the Nag’s Head for pedestrians, cyclists and bus passengers.

Bike hangar facilities

We have announced our own scheme (managed and maintained in-house) to increase the number of bike hangers in Islington. Our business model takes into account the long-term management and maintenance of the sites as well as a sustained growth in numbers. The bike hangers will be conveniently located, secure, offer covered storage for bikes and a space will probably cost around £2 a week. The reason for this small charge is so that we can continue to increase the number of bike hangers and to maintain the new facilities.

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