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Improving cycling in Islington

To make cycling safer and easier for you, we’re creating new cycle routes and improving existing ones all around Islington.

What we are doing in response to COVID-19

The coronavirus crisis has changed the way we travel. We have seen fewer cars on our streets and public transport has vastly reduced capacity in order to maintain social distancing.

To make sure local people can continue to enjoy cleaner air and safer, more pleasant neighbourhoods, we are creating people-friendly streets that will:

  • Make it easier and safer to walk and cycle

  • Be healthier and greener

  • Allow social distancing now and in the future

As part of this response, we are introducing temporary cycle lanes and other improvements to make it easier to cycle in the borough:

  • York Way cycle route: we worked with Camden Council to create temporary cycle lanes along York Way between Hungerford Road and Wharfdale Road in July 2020. The cycle lanes are protected from traffic using traffic wands. We consulted on this cycle route between August and September 2021. The positive outcomes from the consultation and monitoring data supported the decision to continue the York Way cycle route on a permanent basis. See the Camden Council website for more information and you can find the full Delegated Decision Report and Resident Impact Assessment in the 'Useful Documents' section of this page. 

  • Visibility of existing cycle routes: we have refreshed cycle markings on some of the main cycle routes in Islington to make it easier to cycle and to warn drivers that they need to give cyclists extra space

Healthy, fair, accessible and enjoyable transport

Islington Council wants to create a healthy, fair, accessible and enjoyable transport environment in the borough. We want to tackle poor air quality, and make travelling in Islington safer, enjoyable and sustainable for all.

We want our streets to help our residents’ health and well-being by making active travel (such as walking, cycling and using public transport) an easy option for getting around and by improving the local environment for everybody.

Our schemes will create a greener, more pleasant space for local people and a convenient, safer and more direct cycle route for cyclists of all abilities. We will design schemes to improve safety and comfort for cyclists and pedestrians.

Improvements include

Improving Cycleways in Islington

Cycleways are continuous, clearly signed and convenient cycle routes which bring together all of the high-quality routes into a single London-wide network that is easy for everyone to understand and use.

Completed routes

See a map of completed routes (PDF 688KB)

  • Finsbury Square to Bath Street
  • Bloomsbury to Walthamstow (Islington section) – Margery Street to Northchurch Road
  • Liverpool Street to Tottenham
  • Stonecutter Street to King’s Cross
  • York Way cycle route

Routes being constructed

See a map of cycle routes currently being created in Islington (PDF 643KB)

Routes in consultation

Cycle routes being designed

  • Farringdon to Palmers Green via Finsbury Park 
  • Clerkenwell Road and Old Street

Cycle routes being researched

See a map of new routes that are being researched (PDF 638KB)

  • Featherstone Street and Leonard Street
  • Bloomsbury to Walthamstow (Islington section) – Margery Street to Northchurch (Road Phase 2)
  • Barbican to City Road basin
  • Charterhouse Street to Angell
  • Regents Canal to Highgate
  • King’s Cross to Angel
  • Ray Street to St John Street
  • Lever Street to Amwell Street
  • Amwell Street 

Aspiration routes

See a map of aspiration routes (PDF 641KB)

These are routes that Islington would like to deliver in the future but for which there is currently no funding commitment.

  • King’s Cross gyratory
  • Holloway Road (Highbury Corner to Archway)
  • Kings Cross to Highgate

Past consultations

To fine out about past consultations please visit our consultation pages.

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