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Improving cycling in Islington

To make cycling safer and easier for you, we’re creating new cycle routes and improving existing ones all around Islington.

Improvements include

Completed routes

See a map of completed routes (PDF 688KB)

  • Finsbury Square to Bath Street
  • Bloomsbury to Walthamstow (Islington section) – Margery Street to Northchurch Road
  • Liverpool Street to Tottenham
  • Stonecutter Street to King’s Cross

Routes being constructed

See a map of cycle routes currently being created in Islington (PDF 643KB)

  • Highbury corner roundabout

Routes in consultation

Cycle routes being designed

See a map of routes that are being designed (PDF 612KB)

  • Farringdon to Palmers Green via Finsbury Park 
  • Clerkenwell Road and Old Street

Cycle routes being researched

See a map of new routes that are being researched (PDF 638KB)

  • Featherstone Street and Leonard Street
  • Bloomsbury to Walthamstow (Islington section) – Margery Street to Northchurch (Road Phase 2)
  • Barbican to City Road basin
  • Charterhouse Street to Angell
  • Regents Canal to Highgate
  • King’s Cross to Angel
  • Ray Street to St John Street
  • Lever Street to Amwell Street
  • Amwell Street 

Aspiration routes

See a map of aspiration routes (PDF 641KB)

These are routes that Islington would like to deliver in the future but for which there is currently no funding commitment.

  • King’s Cross gyratory
  • Holloway Road (Highbury Corner to Archway)
  • Kings Cross to Highgate

Past consultations

To fine out about past consultations please visit our consultation pages.

  • Finsbury Square to Lever Street and Featherstone Street to Leonard Street consultations
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