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Ockendon Roadjunction with Essex Road2
Old Street 169-173 Old Street 1
Old Street outside St Luke's Church5
Old Street post office 6
Old Street 207-9 Old St for station 6
Paradise Parkby café7
Penton Risejunction with Chapel Market3
Penton Street 44 Penton Street 2
Ronald's Roadoutside French Café 2
Rosebery Avenuejunction with Green Terrace4
Rosebery Avenuejunction with Tysoe Street4
Rosebery Avenuejunction with Hardwick Street 6
Rosebery Avenue 20-26 Rosebury Avenue 8
Seven Sisters Road at junction with Playford Road 2
Slaney Place at junction with Holloway Road 2
Southgate Road Shopping area 3
St Johns Street at junction with Spencer Street 6
St Paul's Roadoutside 242 St Paul's Road3
St Paul's Roadoutside 16 John Spencer Square4
St Paul's Road outside 276 St Paul's Road3
Stroud Green Road Tesco 3
Thornhill Square West Library 3
Tufnell Park Road Tube Station 5
Tufnell Park Road  Northview Parade 5
Upper Streetoutside Town Hall10
Upper Street 264-5 Upper Street 3
Wallace Road Canonbury Station 6
Whitecross Street Whitecross Street7
Wray Crescent Cricket FieldBeside pavillion4
York Wayjunction with Crinan Street8
York Wayjunction with Railway Street11
Street name Location No. of stands

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