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Secure shelters for cycle parking on estates

The Council is always keen to support and encourage more cycling. Cycling is an excellent way to stay fit and get around more, as well as saving you money on travel costs.

We work hard to make cycling as easy as possible for our estate residents and their visitors by providing a wide range of cycle parking facilities within the estates.

These range from secure lockable bike hangars, cycle lockers and cycle shelters for our residents, to cycle stands, some of which are enclosed within covered shelters, for residents and visitors.

The list at the bottom of the page in useful documents will help you locate where cycle parking facilities have been provided on estates.

Using cycle parking facilities on estates

The secure cycle parking facilities on estates are managed by our Area Housing Office Customer Services teams. To enquire about using these facilities please contact the relevant Area Housing Office.

Suggestions for new cycle parking on estates

We are planning to increase the number of cycle facilities for estate residents and visitors. If you have suggestions for locations on estates where you would like to see more secure cycle parking facilities, more cycle stands for visitors, or have comments on the list that we have provided here, please email us

For information on cycle parking facilities on public roads and in parks visit our cycle parking page.

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