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Safe Knife Disposal

Sharp items can be hazardous to anyone dealing with your waste, so it is important that you are aware of the best way to dispose of them.

Safe knife disposal

Knife bins provide a safe place for everyone to recycle knives. It also provides an opportunity for someone to surrender a knife, reducing the risk of it being used as a weapon. There are some collection points for safe disposal of knives located in Islington and knives should always be handled with care. To avoid injury, do not handle the sharp bladed side of the knife and carefully wrap the knife in cardboard (such as an old cereal box), and secure with strong tape (such as duct tape/parcel tape). Please use enough cardboard and tape to prevent the knife from piercing through.

Collection points

Knives and blades can be dropped off at the following collection points:

  • Islington Police Station, 2 Tolpuddle Street
  • 1 Moray Road (on street knife collection bank)
  • Central Street, Outside Finsbury Leisure Centre
  • Caledonian Road, outside Cally Pool & Gym
  • Highbury Fields, Outside Highbury Leisure Centre
  • Hornsey Road, Outside the Sobell Leisure Centre
  • Hornsey Road, next to the Emirates Stadium
  • St John’s Way, Archway. Outside Caxton House Community Centre
  • St Mellitus Church

Chargeable collection

If you are unable to access a collection point, we can provide a chargeable collection of domestic knives. This is at a charge of £10.68 per collection. To book a collection, please call 0207 527 2000 or email

Further information

If you have any further questions about how to dispose of knives and blades, please call 0207 527 2000 or email
Please visit Community Safety for additional information about reducing knife crime in Islington.

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