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Waste reduction and recycling plan 2018-2022

In June 2019, Islington Council declared an environment and climate emergency and pledged to work towards making Islington net zero carbon by 2030. Reducing, reusing and recycling waste is a key part in tackling this emergency. Our Waste Reduction and Recycling Plan sets out how Islington will meet waste and recycling objectives as part of its work to tackle the climate emergency.

Our Reduction and Recycling Plan sets four recycling and waste objectives:

Objective 1 - Reduce waste focusing on food waste and single use packaging
Objective 2 - Maximise recycling rates
Objective 3 - Reduce the environmental impact of waste activities (greenhouse gas emissions and air pollutants)
Objective 4 - Maximise local waste sites and ensure London has sufficient infrastructure to manage all the waste it produces

It commits us to:

  • a household recycling target of 33% by 2022 and 36% by 2025

  • setting new targets for commercial waste recycling

  • reducing overall levels of household waste, particularly food and plastic waste and reducing emissions from our fleet

Please take a look at the full Plan for more details.

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