Recycling and rubbish

Textile recycling points

Find your nearest textile recycling point.


  • St John’s Grove at Pemberton Gardens (adjacent to John King Court Estate)

  • St John's Way (adjacent to Caxton House)

  • Vorley Road (opposite the bus station)

  • Hilldrop Crescent (near junction with Hilldrop Road)

  • Parkhurst Road (near junction with Chambers Road)

  • Mount View Road (junction with Crouch Hill)

  • Sunnyside Road (junction with Hazellville Road)

  • Cromartie Road, New Orleans Estate

  • Sussex Way (junction with Courtauld Road).


  • Caledonian Road (near Wynford Road) 

  • Caledonian Road (junction with Cottage Road)

  • Liverpool Road (junction with Barford Street)

  • Barnsbury Park (junction with Liverpool Road)

  • Reuse and Recycling Centre.


  • Collins Road (near junction of Highbury New Park)

  • Highbury New Park (outside Spring Gardens)

  • Highbury New Park (opposite Catherell Road)

  • Highbury Crescent (outside Highbury Road)

  • Matthias Road (junction with Elton Street)

  • Newington Green (east side)

  • Hornsey Road (outside Sobell Leisure Centre)

  • Hornsey Road (outside Andover Medical Centre)

  • Woodbridge Close (Andover Estate).


  • Corner of St John Street (junction with Wyclif Street)

  • Rotherfield Street (junction with Essex Road)

  • Rotherfield Street (junction with Ecclesbourne Road)

  • Old Street (rear of Vibast Centre, Redbrick Estate)

  • Clephane Road (near junction with St Paul's Road)

  • Rosebery Avenue (junction with Hardwick Street)

  • Rosebery Avenue (opposite Sadler's Wells Theatre)

  • White Lion Street (outside Lift youth centre)

  • Bath Street/Galway Street 

  • Central Street (opposite 49-51) 

  • Cumming Street, junction Collier Street.

What happens to the clothes and textiles?

All textiles and shoes left at these recycling points are recycled. Some textiles and shoes are reused while others are re-manufactured either within the UK or across the globe.

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