Recycling and rubbish

Find out what goes in your rubbish bin

This handy guide will help you decide what to put in your rubbish bin or black bags.

Items you should put in your rubbish bin or black bags

  • household waste that cannot be recycled 
  • polystyrene 
  • nappies/sanitary products 
  • takeaway coffee cups 
  • used kitchen paper 
  • food-soiled pizza boxes 
  • toys, crockery, broken glass (wrap all broken glass)
  • foil-lined packets (including foil-lined crisp packets, sweet wrappers and pet food sachets)
  • light bulbs 
  • Pyrex items 
  • mirrors 
  • empty paint tins 
  • 'Jiffy' padded bags 
  • photographs 
  • laminated paper or foil wrapping paper 
  • dirty/fouled textiles 
  • large bones/carcasses 
  • pet waste and bedding
  • used duvets and pillows
  • food waste if no food waste service is provided for your property. 

Please think about taking good quality items to a charity shop for reuse or having them repaired.  

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