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Recycling in private rented accommodation

Recycling is compulsory in Islington. All properties in Islington have a recycling collection at least every week and most also have a food and garden waste recycling service.

As a resident

You can expect your landlord to provide your property with the right recycling containers and information on what you can and cannot recycle. You can also contact us directly to request containers and information.

Please make sure you know when your recycling and rubbish collection day is and keep your recycling and rubbish properly stored and presented on the right day.

As a landlord

You are required, as a landlord, to provide adequate recycling containers and information to your tenants. However, we would encourage you, as a responsible landlord, to make sure your tenants can recycle as much as possible.

Please make sure you have:

  • Included a requirement for your tenants to recycle properly in your tenancy agreements
  • Provided information to your residents on the recycling and rubbish collection service
  • Checked that your managed properties have the correct and enough recycling containers

More information

For more information on recycling in Islington, click here.
You can download A4 posters for display in communal areas at the bottom of this page.

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