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Injunction - Hillrise Road

Islington Council has obtained an injunction with powers of arrest against Nicola Lowe a resident in the north of the borough

Ms Lowe first came to attention after reports of anti-social behaviour were received fromresidents in the Hillrise area. The nature of reports received included loud muswic, intimidating and threatening behaviour towards other residents and operatives engaged in council business on the estate. In addition threats were made to a member of staff from the council.

Islington Council were able to prevent evidence of anti-social behaviour to the court where the judge issued the injunction order. The order lasts for one year commencing on 23 March 2016.

The order forbids the individual from engaging in conduct causing or capable of causing  nuisance, alarm or distress including verbal, shouted or written or using or threatening to use violent or intimidating conduct

March 2016

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