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Eviction-New North Road Estate

Islington Council has evicted a tenant of New North Road Estate because of anti-social behaviour.

The tenant Mr Scott Coventry originally came to the attention of the council after reports were made to the Area Housing Office of persistent anti-social behaviour. This behaviour included regular visitors to the flat at all hours of the day and night, acting in an unacceptable manner, taking and dealing of drugs, fighting, arguing and loitering outside the building.

In addition police raids were undertaken which resulted in the obtaining of drugs and the identification of drug dealers within the property.

Islington council working with the ASB Response and the St Peters neighbourhood Policing Teams were able to present evidence of anti-social behaviour to the court, where the judge issued a possession order. Mr Coventry was evicted from the property in May 2016.

Whilst eviction is a last resort, Islington Council will pursue this action where the anti-social behaviour is sever and ongoing. to protect our residents.

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