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Eviction-Mowatt Close

Islington Council has evicted a tenant of Mowatt Close because of anti-social behaviour.

The tenant originally came to the attention of the council after reports were made to the Area Housing Office of persistent anti-social behaviour. This behaviour included loud parties, drunken behaviour, cannabis use, harassment and intimidation. Warnings were given to the tenant in an attempt to address and change their behaviour; however, these were ignored leading to residents feeling constantly in fear of disturbances at all hours of the day and night.

An injunction with powers of arrest was granted by the court in June 2014. This was continually breached, leading to the issue of an eviction order from the court in November 2015. The tenant was evicted from the property in March 2016.

Whilst eviction is a last resort, Islington Council will pursue this action where the anti-social behaviour is severe and ongoing, to protect our residents.

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