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Injunction-Gambier House

Islingthon Council has obtained three injunctions each with powers of arrest against three individuals in the South of the borough.

The three individuals, Deborah Robinson, Jasmine Carney and Danny Noble had a history of drug use and prostitution, received the injunctions for cuckooing a vulnerable resident who lived in Gambier House.

Working as a team these three were able to gain access to one of our properties and convince a vulnerable resident that they were part of a care team looking after the tenant. The manner and confidence of their behaviour was such that they were able to convince the local care team looking after the tenant.

The nature of their anti-social behaviour ranged from persistent visitors to the property at all hours of the day, drug dealing, loitering in the stairwell and outside the block. This behaviour also resulted in noise nuisance, littering and urination.

Islington Council ASB Housing Team working with Bunhill Ward Neighbourhood Police Team, TMO, Supported Housing People and other Council services such as the ASB Response Team and concierge were able to collect evidence that proved the anti-social behaviour.

The injunction prohibits these individuals from entering several locations in the South of the borough snd lasts for a period of two years commencing 15 October 2015.

October 2015

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