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Eviction - Margery Street

Islington Council has evicted a tenant from the Margery Street Estate because of anti-social behaviour caused by the tenant and visitors to the property

The tenant came to attention through repeated reports to the anti-social behaviour reporting line  and the area housing office. The anti-social behaviour included persistent noise nuisance from the tenant and involving the frequent visitors to the property. Visitors often gathered in the communal stairwells and in the block with their behaviour including taking and dealing of drugs, leading to littering and urination in the area.

Through a series of police raids and the targeting of council resources such as the ASB Response Team and Parkguard the council was able to collect the required evidence to take enforcement action and possession of the property.

The Judge agreed that the behaviour of the tenant was in breach of their tenancy agreement and awarded a full possession order in April 2015 leading to eviction in August 2015.

Whilst eviction is seen as a last resort Islington Council will look to pursue this course of action where the behaviour is a serious breach of our tenancy agreement.

Sept 2015

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