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Eviction - Coltash Court

Islington Council has evicted a tenant of Coltash Court because of anti-social behaviour caused by the tenant and visitors to their property

The tenant came to attention through repeated reports to the anti-social behaviour reporting line and area housing office. The anti-social behaviour included persistent noise nuisance from the tenant and involving frequent callers to their property.

The behaviour would often included excessive drinking of alcohol and drug taking both in the property and neighbouring communal area. The behaviour of visitors would often be aggressive leading to fighting which would result in residents and members of the community feeling distressed, threatened and intimidated.

Efforts were made with the tenant to address their anti-social behaviour and that of visitors through the issue of a suspended possession order by the court in 2013. However despite this order the negative behaviour continued and further evidence was collected and presented to the court, resulting in the award of an eviction order in December 2014.

After successfully dismissing an appeal from the tenant to stop the eviction order the eviction was completed in September 2015.

Whilst eviction is seen as a last resort Islington Council will look to pursue this course of action where the behaviour is a serious breach of our tenancy agreement.

Sept 2015

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