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Injunction Breach - Old Street

A rough sleeper subject to an injunction order has been sentenced to 3 months in prison.

Mr Tim Smith had come to attention in early 2014 for causing significant disturbance and distress to residents across several estates in the Old Street area. His behaviour included fighting, shouting and fouling of communal areas as well as littering and excessive consumption of alcohol.

Although supportive services were made available to Mr Smith his behaviour did not improve and Islington Council applied to the court in January 2014, where we were successful in obtaining an injunction order with power of arrest.

Mr Smith breached this order within the first week of issue which resulted in him receiving a suspended prison sentence. Despite the threat of prison for further breaches of the order his anti-social behaviour has continued throughout the year, resulting in his arrest and subsequent sentencing to 3 months in prison in September 2014.

November 2014

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