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Eviction - Shearling Estate

Islington Council has evicted a tenant causing anti-social behaviour on the Shearling Estate.

The tenant came to attention after reports of anti-social behaviour and noise nuisance were received. As a consequence of not responding to warnings from the Council's ASB Team, legal action was taken.

Despite the intervention and involvement of the Noise Team, the nuisance continued and the Council took the decision to pursue possession of the property using evidence provided from neighbours, the Police, Noise and ASB Teams.

The judge agreed that the tenant's behaviour was in breach of the tenancy agreement and awarded an Outright Possession Order, which resulted in the tenant being evicted on 10 October 2014.

Whilst eviction is a last resort Islington Council will pursue this action where anti-social behaviour is severe and ongoing to ensure our residents are protected on their estates.

October 2014 

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