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Eviction - Marquess Estate

Islington Council has evicted a tenant for anti-social behaviour on the Marquess estate.

The tenant was subject to an introductory tenancy, which means that there were additional restrictions to their tenancy. The tenant regularly received several visitors who gathered to drink and cause a general nuisance to all neighbouring residents. In addition the gatherings of people involved threatening behaviour. 

The council obtained injunctions against the tenant and a visitor to restrict their anti-social behaviour, unfortunately  these orders had no effect and further incidents were reported. To address the council decided to take legal action and sought possession of the property.

The judge on reviewing the evidence awarded an outright possession order, which resulted in the tenant being evicted in August 2014.

Whilst eviction is a last resort Islington Council will pursue this course of action where the safety and security of our residents is put at risk.

September 2014

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