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Eviction - Hillrise Mansions

Islington Council has evicted a tenant for breach of their tenancy agreement in Hillrise Mansions.

The tenant came to attention after making threats to Islington Council officers. An injunction order was granted by the court to address this behaviour, however the individuals anti-social behaviour continued and increased with threats being made to neighbours as well as other residents.

In March 2014 the injunction order was extended to incorporate this additional behaviour.

The tenant continued to breach the terms of the injunction and their anti-social behaviour increased to include noise nuisance, drug taking and allowing their dogs to foul on the estate.

Despite the offer of support and services the individual refused to engage and their unacceptable behaviour carried on. The Council pursued possession of the property using evidence provided from staff and residents of Hillrise Mansions. the judge agreed the behaviour of the tenant was in breach of their tenancy ageement and awarded an outright possession order leading to eviction in September 2014.

Whilst eviction is seen as a last resort Islington Council will look to pursue this course of action where the behaviour is a serious breach of our tenancy agreement.

Sept 2014

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