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Eviction - St Luke's Estate

Islington Council has evicted a tenant for causing anti-social behaviour on St Luke's Estate.

Mr Raymond Dyer, an introductory tenant residing on St Luke's Estate was observed on concierge CCTV violently assaulting a woman in the lobby of Godfrey House. In addition we had received several reports of anti-social behaviour relating to his property, for noise nuisance and persistent cannabis fumes.

The council pursued possession of his property for anti-social behaviour and outstanding rent arrears. The evidence provided from the concierge was a factor in the possession proceedings, which resulted in the Judge awarding an outright possession order, leading to his eviction in October 2014.

Whilst eviction is a last resort Islington Council will pursue this course of action where the safety and security of our residents is put at risk.

November 2014

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