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We are committed to ensuring all of our residents enjoy their right to peace, quiet and security in their homes and within the community.

We work in Partnership to identify solutions to tackle anti-social behaviour. By using tools and powers of both an enforcement or supportive and diversionary nature we are able to address and resolve anti-social behaviour.

This year 2015/16 we have received and managed a total of 781 reports.


We have sought legal action in 97 cases. The action taken has included

  • 40 Possession orders
  • 186 Notices of seeking possession
  • 43 Injunctions
  • 14 Evictions


The provision of a supportive element  particularly that which is family based is a key focus of approach to managing and changing people's anti-social behaviour. This year we have undertaken the following

  • 56 cases receiving family support
  • 19 individuals signed up to Acceptable Behaviour Contracts
  • 42 individuals referred to ASB Victim Support


We have worked with the Police and other agencies to resolve a series of community based issues. These include

  • 28 uses of Police dispersal powers
  • One Premises Closure Order
  • 57 referrals to mediation service

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