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Unlike other noise, the council has less control over noise from road, rail or aircraft. Read on for details of what to do if you are bothered by this.

Road traffic

There are few controls the council have around moving traffic on the highway, or the engines of stationary vehicles. Sometimes it is possible for other agencies to investigate road traffic noise if a road is excessively used by heavy goods vehicles, the Highways Agency can be contacted for advice. The Highways Agency can be contacted on 08457 50 40 30.

Excessive noise from the engine of individual vehicles is be regulated by the Motor Vehicles (Construction and Use) Regulations, which are administered by the police.


The law regarding railways specifically prevents the council from taking action on noise from trains. Residents affected by railway noise can contact the railway operator directly in order to register complaints and request help. Click the link on the right for advice on train providers.

In general Network Rail carries out the majority of works to the railways. They can be contacted on their 24hr Helpline on 08457 11 41 41 or visit their website by clicking on the link to the right.


Complaints regarding aircraft noise may arise from commercial air traffic passing over Islington or police helicopters or light aircraft surveying the area. The council is unable to take action against noise from aircraft, including helicopters. The noise output from aircraft is controlled by aircraft construction regulations and restrictions on air movements and altitude administered by the Civil Aviation Authority, on 020 7379 7311.

Further advice on aircraft noise can be obtained from the following:

  • Aviation Environment Federation: on 020 7248 2223, or info@aef.org.uk

  • HACAN Clear Skies: on 020 8876 0455, or info@hacan.org.uk [Add to related websites

  • British Helicopter Advisory Board: on 01276 856100 or info@bhab.org

  • Metropolitan Police Service: stay in touch with what the police helicopters are doing by following @mpsinthesky on Twitter

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