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Noisy neighbours

From time to time, we may all be able to hear noise from our neighbours, but sometimes it can interfere with enjoyment of our homes.

Here are some steps you can take if you are experience disturbance form your neighbours:

  • Identify where the noise is coming from

  • If you feel comfortable try having a polite and courteous word with your neighbour, they may not be aware that they can be heard from outside their home

  • If this does not work, or you cannot speak to your neighbour, you can contact us for help. Visit the reporting pages to see how to report it.

If reporting it to the council, to help us investigate we will need information on the nature of the problem and the source of the noise. It is also useful for our investigation if you provide your details, which we will keep confidential.

If officers find the noise is unreasonable they will usually contact the person responsible on the night to try and resolve it. Usually a firm informal approach resolves the problem, but if this doesn’t work formal action may be taken.

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