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Barking dogs

Dogs that bark loudly and persistently can cause a great deal of annoyance to people living nearby. If you have been unable to speak to the owners yourself, the council may be able to help. Visit the reporting pages to see how to report it.

Dogs bark for many reasons, because they are lonely, bored, frightened, aggressive, excited, hungry or wanting attention. Most dogs are well behaved and well looked after, and can only be heard occasionally. However, some never seem to stop barking.

Advice for dog owners

If your dog is causing a problem, try the following action:

  • if the dog is left out, keep it indoors

  • if the dog is shut in, take it out for exercise more often

  • provide some company, such as a radio left on at low volume, when you go out

  • take it for regular walks

  • do not leave the dog for too long on its own

  • do not leave your dog barking in the garden or on a balcony if you are at home.

If these measures do not work, call the Animal Welfare team on 020 7527 7272 and select option 3 for further advice. You may find that some simple re-training measures or an anti-barking collar will work.

The council also run Top Dog training events in partnership with Parkguard to help you to learn about controlling your dog. Keep a look out in your local park for details of upcoming events. 

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