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If you are disturbed by a continuously ringing alarm such as a burglar, fire or car alarm we may be able to silence it. Visit the reporting pages to see how to report it.

Burglar or fire alarms

If you report it directly to the council our officers will investigate. As part of this it helps if officers can visit your property to assess the noise but we will need your help to identify where the alarm is coming from.

If you have a burglar alarm it is advisable to let us know the details of key holders who we can call out in the event that the alarm gets set off accidently, this will avoid the need for enforcement action to be taken to silence it. 

If we can’t get hold of key holder information for the alarm, the officer may obtain a warrant from a Magistrate to enter the premises and silence or re-set the alarm. The owner of the premises will be re-charged any costs incurred.

If you have an audible intruder alarm it is advisable for it to have a working 20 minute cut out device. We would also advise that any alarms are regularly maintained and serviced yearly and that you notify the Council of the name and contact number of a key holder who is able to attend and silence the alarm in the event of an activation (please email noise.issues@islington.gov.uk with this information).

Car alarms

The council can silence continually or persistently sounding car alarms. To help us resolve this more quickly please provide us with details and the location of the car alarm. If possible, provide the colour, model and registration number of the vehicle. The investigating officer will visit the complainant, hear the effect of the noise, and serve statutory notices if necessary. Legally, the council has to take reasonable steps to trace the owner or driver of the car to advise them of the situation before we can take action ourselves. For this reason a resolution may take several hours but we will keep you updated on progress. If the owner does not silence the alarm, attempts will be made by the investigating officer to attend the scene with a contractor and silence the alarm, or remove the vehicle to a secure area. The registered keeper of the car will be charged for the costs incurred.

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