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Noise is the most common type of ASB reported. The council takes noise problems seriously and is here to support you if you are bothered by noise.

Noise is mainly caused by noisy neighbours (parties, DIY, dogs barking, etc.), loud music from commercial properties, burglar and car alarms, and noise from construction sites. If you feel comfortable the quickest way to resolve it is often to speak to the person responsible. If you can't do this for any reason, and the noise is impacting your quality of life, let the council know via our online form or by calling the ASB reporting line: 020 7527 7272.

Reporting noise

There are a few simple things you can do to help our officers investigate:

  • If you're reporting via the above phone number, call us as soon as you can and ideally from your property so officers can witness the noise.

  • If the noise stops let us know by calling the ASB reporting line.

  • Provide your contact phone number so the team can get in touch with you, as this will help them investigate and progress a solution more effectively.

Officers will attend as quickly as they can during duty hours; this is usually within an hour, although this may be longer during busy times.

All complaints are investigated in accordance with the Regulators’ Compliance Code and Enforcement Concordat. There is also a Public Protection Enforcement policy which you can view in related documents below. 

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