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Tools for tackling housing-related ASB

Islington Council is committed to tackling anti-social behaviour on behalf of our housing tenants and homeowners.

Each area office has a specialist team of highly-skilled officers who are responsible for identifying solutions to all reports and providing support where required.

Using tools and powers available, our officers will look to enforce the conditions of tenancy where residents have been proven to have broken the terms of their tenancy agreement. In situations where the issues are more complex we will look to work in partnership with others, such as neighbouring social landlords, the police and council teams to develop action plans and find a solution.

We will look to provide access to support services to all reporters, similarly we will seek to identify and provide interventions and access to support programmes to those acting anti-socially to encourage them to change their behaviour.

We use legal action as a last resort but where the anti-social behaviour is so serious that is necessary, we will take legal action to stop the behaviour.

For more details of some of the actions we take please download the factsheets from the bottom of this page. Also visit the how we tackle anti-social behaviour page.

New tools and powers

With effect from 20 October 2014 we have updated our policy and processes to reflect the introduction of the Anti-social, Crime and Policing Act 2014. This act includes new tools and powers which will assist the council in improving its response to tackling anti-social behaviour to benefit council tenants and homeowners.

Under the new powers, we will be able to improve the ability and speed by which we can remove anti-social tenants from their properties. It also means that we can now bring injunctions against under 18s who are persistently causing anti-social behaviour. This is done in close consultation with local youth services and ensuring the appropriate support for the young people.

For more details of the new powers visit: Anti-social, Crime and Policing Act

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