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Anti-social behaviour

The council is committed to ensuring Islington residents have a good quality of life. Where anti-social behaviour is impacting on this, our dedicated team will work together with victims and perpetrators to do what we can to resolve the issue.

Reporting anti-social behaviour

Report it online

  • The quickest and easiest way to report anti-social behaviour to us is online.
  • Call our ASB reporting line - open 24/7 on 020 7527 7272.
  • If you are a council tenant or leaseholder: during office hours report it to the ASB team at your local Area Housing Office, using the online reporting form above. Out of hours call 020 7527 7272.
  • If you are a housing association tenant: report it directly to your housing association. Out of hours call 020 7527 7272.
  • You can report a street cleaning problem using the Clean Islington app, which is available for free for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone via app stores.


Find out more about how we are tackling the issue of fly-tipping and how you can report the problem online

What to report

There are many types of behaviour that are considered anti-social. Some examples of what you can contact the council about include:

  • unreasonable noise (e.g. loud music, barking dogs)

  • people gathering and causing problems

  • vandalism

  • drug taking

  • problems with bars and clubs

  • dog fouling

  • fly-tipping.

If it is the first time it has happened and you feel comfortable doing so, often the quickest way to resolve the issue is by contacting the person directly. They may not aware that it is causing a problem. If this is not the case, please contact us so we can help. Just be aware that unfortunately it is usually harder for us to solve one off, occasional instances.

If it is something more serious such as drug dealing, violence, or criminal damage then please call the police on 101. In an emergency always dial 999.

Help us to help you 

The most successful outcomes are achieved by working together with you. There are a few things you can do to give us more chance of being able to help:

  • Provide as much detail as you can in your report on when, where, who, what, the impact and your contact details. Your details will be kept confidential.

  • Contact us when it is happening and let us know if it stops. This helps our busy teams get to the most urgent issues.

  • If it relates to a noise issue please give our officers access so we can assess the noise. We need enough evidence to be able to take action.

What happens when I make a report?

  • Our dedicated teams will investigate all reports of ASB.
  • You can expect a response within 24-hours.
  • An officer may call you to discuss, or visit you to investigate your report.
  • If you are a council or housing association tenant during office hours your local ASB team may deal with your report, outside of this it will be directed to our borough-wide ASB Response Team.
  • We have response officers on duty between 4pm and 2am, Sunday to Thursday, and 5pm and 4am Friday and Saturday. We will get to you when we can, but it is likely to take longer during busy times.

Reported ASB but feel like nothing has been done?

You can request a review if you believe that no action has been taken in response to your ASB reports to the council, police or your housing provider. To qualify it needs to have taken place three times in the last six months, but no action has been taken and the case has been closed. Visit our community trigger page for more information.

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