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Nightsafe Patrol Service

Nightsafe Patrol Service

The Nightsafe Patrol is a new service which starts on 4th December 2014.

The service is funded by the Late Night Levy, which is an additional charge placed upon any licenced premises selling alcohol between the hours of midnight and 6am.

The Nightsafe Patrol comprises of 4 patrol officers, who have been accredited by the Police, operating from a dedicated control vehicle. The team will be deployed in a Police and Local Authority support capacity to respond to night time economy issues through providing street based patrols and enforcement. It will from part of the integrated partnership between the Council and Police. The Late Night Levy has funded a police sergeant who will be responsible for co-ordinating the activities of the patrol, including developing the wider Op Nightsafe Policing and Partnership resource. The police resource comprises of numerous officers from both neighbourhood policing and emergency response as well as the police licensing team and special constables. This will increase substantially the pro-active presence in Islington during the Levy hours.

Hours of Operation

The Nightsafe Patrol will operate every Thursday, Friday Saturday and Sunday from midnight until 6am the following morning. Occasionally we may suspend the service on a Thursday or a Sunday, when demand is low, to provide us the capacity to operate the Patrol on additional nights where demand is higher, for example during the build up to Christmas, at Easter or Bank Holidays or to provide additional functions such a drug dog patrol.

The provision of the patrol service is an important part of our strategy to improve the night time environment in Islington for the benefits of our residents, visitors and the licenced trade. It is anticipated that patrol officers will spend the majority of their shift patrolling on foot or be stationed at hotspot locations and will use their vehicle as their control point and to provide transport to locations where their presence is required.


The primary function of the patrol service will be to support the council, police and licenced trade to minimise crime, disorder, nuisance and antisocial behaviour associated with late night drinking and to help create a safer night time environment. The patrol team is available to provide an early intervention type response to prevent escalation to more serious alcohol related crime and disorder which, if unchecked, could result in a police and/or ambulance response.

Range of activities

The Nightsafe Patrol Service will have the capability to respond to a wide range of night time issues including:

  • Public Order

  • Dispersal of rowdy customers

  • Drinking in the Street

  • Preloading

  • Drug dealing/drug misuses

  • Street urination

  • Unlicensed taxis

  • Illegal street traders

  • Taxi marshalling

  • Littering

  • Begging

The Patrol will also be expected to provide an accessible point of contact for the public and provide assistance to people who are vulnerable as a result of excessive alcohol consumption. At least one member of the team will be trained in first aid to ‘First Person on the Scene’ (intermediate award) standard.


The Patrol will provide a borough wide service and the locations of work will be determined by:

1. Calls for assistance from licence holders, Islington Council’s CCTV operators, ASB Controllers, and other staff working at night or the Police.

2.  Intelligence-led tasking to patrol specific hotpot areas and activities.

Pre Patrol Deployment

The Patrol will attend pre deployment briefings with the police before the start of each shift.

Contacting the Nightsafe Patrol

The Nightsafe Patrol can be contacted via the Antisocial Behaviour Team on:

020 7527 7272

Please remember that the Nightsafe Patrol Service is not designed to replace the Police and you should continue to report any incidents of crime to the Police as usual on 999/101.

Late Night Levy Board

The operation of the Nightsafe Patrol Service is overseen by the Late Night Levy Board.

The Board is chaired jointly by the Council’s Chair of Licensing and the Police Borough Commander and membership includes representatives of each of the pub watches operating in Islington as well as council officers responsible for licensing and Police Officers responsible for night time economy policing activities.

If you require more information about the operation of the Nightsafe Patrol Service please contact the Licensing Team on 020 7527 3031 or email licensing@islington.gov.uk

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