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Hate Crime


Safer Islington Partnership, which includes the council, police, fire brigade and community groups, has launched a four year strategy to tackle hate crime in the borough. Please see the link below.

What is a hate crime or incident?

A hate crime or incident takes place when someone is targeted because of their:

• religion or belief
• race or ethnic identity
• immigration status or nationality
• gender or gender identity
• disability
• sexual orientation 

It counts as a hate crime when the law has been broken. However, the Police also record all hate incidents, even when the law hasn’t been broken.

What matters is why you think you have been targeted.

Examples of hate crimes or incidents are: 

• Assault - including pushing, spitting, or pulling at clothes
• Threats, verbal abuse and abusive gestures 
• Damage to property 
• Offensive letters and graffiti 
• Online abuse 
• Harassment

There might be a single incident or a series of incidents.

It doesn’t matter where an incident takes place it can still count as a hate crime.

Why should I report it?

We know that many hate crimes and incidents are not reported. If more people report hate crime we can gain a better understanding of the problem and how to prevent it from happening.  

Reporting it also means that you can access the support that’s available to help you recover from the experience. It is the first step towards ensuring that the offender is caught and deterred from committing a crime again.

If you witness a hate crime or incident you can still report it.

How can I report it?

You may be upset, angry, in shock or hurt but as soon as possible you should report the crime to the Police:

999 in an emergency i.e. the offender is still in the area, someone has been
injured or there is a risk to life.

101 is the police non-emergency number

Crimestoppers if you would rather report anonymously 0800 555 111.

Online reporting is also available www.report-it.org.uk 

Who else can help?

Contact your Housing Officer if you are a social tenant or the Council’s ASB reporting line outside office hours 0207 527 7272

Stop Hate Line www.stophateuk.org
Run by the charity Stop Hate UK for immediate advice and support.
Anyone who is a victim or a witness of a hate crime will be able to report the incident directly to the Helpline.

If you feel unable to report it then speak to someone for advice e.g. teacher, youth worker, someone at your place of worship or a community group or another organisation.

What support is there?

You may find it difficult to be on your own and need your
friends or family around you. You may feel you want the support of a helpline or counsellor. Try not to feel isolated or alone as there are people available to help.

Victim Support 0808 168 9111 www.victimsupport.org.uk
Victim support helps people cope with the effects of crime whether or not it is reported. It also provides information on local victim support groups.

Tell MAMA 0800 456 1226 http://tellmamauk.org/ 
Tell MAMA supports victims of anti-Muslim hate and is a public service which measures and monitors anti-Muslim incidents. It is not a replacement for the Police. 

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