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Drugs and alcohol

If you, or a friend, or family member have a drink or drug problem help is available locally. Islington Council and NHS Islington provide a range of drug and alcohol treatment services across the borough. We can also link you into other services which can help you with housing, benefits, other health issues, or legal advice.

If you are worried about your own, or someone else’s drug or alcohol use you can contact Islington’s 24 hour helpline free on 0808 800 0019.

Additional information on local services can be found on the Drug and Alcohol Services page.

If you are under 18 and have a drink or drug problem, or you are worried about someone that has, please contact Islington Young People’s Drug and Alcohol service (IYPDAS). Friends or family can also contact this service for support and information. IYPDAS can also help families affected by parents' drug and alcohol problems; we help everyone in the family work together to overcome problems and difficulties.

Islington Council works with the police, other partners and local residents to tackle the misery and fear associated with drug dealing in the borough and to help stop dealing from flats and houses, selling drugs on the streets and the use of young people as drug couriers. We do rely on information from residents to help stop drug dealing and all the problems that come with it and treat all information passed onto council staff, safer neighbourhood police and others with the greatest sensitivity and confidentiality.

We know that there is an increase in drink and drug crime and disorder caused by young people and we are working with the police and local communities to tackle this.

The council's trading standards team works regularly with the police and volunteers to carry out regular test purchase exercises. As part of the exercise, the volunteers, who are under-age, attempt to buy age-restricted products and those retailers that fail to ask for proof of age face fines or having their licence revoked.

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