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Violence Against Women and Girls Resource Library

There are a number of key documents that provide useful background for VAWG workers, and a number of organisations and websites with useful information and resources. At the bottom of the page and on the right are some useful downloadable documents and links on a number of VAWG issues.


There are a number of key strategic documents that provide the background to Violence Against Women and Girls. These are:

  • Call to End Violence Against Women and Girls (Home Office)

  • Call to End Violence Against Women and Girls Action Plan (Home Office)

  • The Way Forward - Taking Action to End Violence Against Women and Girls (Greater London Authority)

  • Islington Violence Against Women and Girls Strategy 2011 - 2015 (London Borough of Islington)

These documents provide the national, regional and local strategic goals that underpin the work on Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) in Islington. All of these are available for download below.

Domestic Violence and MARAC

There are a wealth of resources on domestic violence and the MARAC available through Women's Aid and Co-ordinated Action Against Domestic Abuse (CAADA). All of these can be downloaded directly from the websites of Women's Aid and CAADA (see links on the right). Below are a couple of the key documents. Also below is the Islington specific domestic violence referral pathway and the North London Reciprocal Agreement which allows reciprocal housing moves for local authority tenants who are experiencing domestic violence:

  • Domestic Violence FAQs - explains what domestic violence is and answers common questions (Women's Aid)
  • Domestic Violence Statistics - provides a range of statistics and prevalence data on domestic and sexual violence (Women's Aid)
  • MARAC FAQs - explaining what a MARAC is and answering basic questions (CAADA)
  • Review of MARACs - this report examined this effectiveness of MARACs (CAADA)
  • DASH RIC for use by IDVAs with full practice guidance (CAADA)
  • DASH RIC for use by all agencies with guidance (CAADA)
  • Islington Domestic Violence Referral Pathway (LB Islington)
  • Domestic Violence North London Reciprocal Agreement (LB Islington)

Forced Marriage and 'Honour' Related Violence

The Government has produced statutory guidance and practitioner guidelines on handling cases of forced marriage. These, along with a range of other resources including posters, leaflets, awareness raising videos and an e-learning tool can be accessed on the Forced Marriage Unit website.

  • Forced Marriage Statutory Guidance (HM Government)
  • Multi-Agency Practice Guidelines - Handling Cases of Forced Marriage (HM Government)
  • Forced Marriage and Learning Disabilities - Multi-Agency Practice Guidelines (HM Government)

Female Genital Mutilation

  • Multi-Agency Practice Guidelines: Female Genital Mutilation (HM Government)
  • A Statement Opposing Female Genital Mutilation (HM Government)
  • FGM In Islington: A Statistical Study (London Borough of Islington)

In 2011 the Government produced guidelines for front line practitioners on how to handle cases of female genital mutilation (FGM). The guidelines contain dedicated chapters for different agencies. In 2012 the Government published a resource called 'A Statement Opposing Female Genital Mutilation' which is designed to be taken by girls and young women who fear that when they leave the country their families may try to persuade or coerce them to undergo the practice. The Statement makes clear the UK legislation and is signed by a number of Ministers. In Islington, the Community Safety Partnership Unit undertook a statistical study using a recognised methodology to estimate the number of girls aged 0-18 in the borough who come from FGM practising communities. All of these can be downloaded below.

Human Trafficking

  • Islington Traffick Watch Pack (London Borough of Islington)
  • Good Practice Briefing on Working with Women Trafficked into Sexual Exploitation: Lessons in Resilience (Women's Resource Centre and Women and Girls Network)

There are a number of resources available on human trafficking and Stop the Traffik's website has its own resource library on trafficking. The Islington Traffick Watch Pack is designed to help professionals in Islington know how to identify cases of trafficking and how to seek advice or report their concerns. The pack can be downloaded below.

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