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Information for Violence Against Women and Girls Workers

This section contains information and resources for all professionals in Islington working in the Violence Against Women and Girls (VAWG) sector.

The Safer Islington Partnership (SIP) provides support through resources and capacity building opportunities for staff working in the VAWG sector in Islington. These are summarised below and the tabs on the left provide more information. At the bottom of the page you can download a couple of key resources including:

  • Domestic violence referral pathway for Islington
  • Previous editions of our VAWG Newsletter, published on a bi-monthly basis
  • Flyers for upcoming conferences and events

VAWG Service Directory

A comprehensive list of VAWG services, as well as weblinks to useful websites with information, advice and resources for professionals, is contained with the Family Directory under 'Domestic and Sexual Violence'. Click the tab on the left for more information.

VAWG Network

The VAWG Network is a quarterly seminar meeting run by the Safer Islington Partnership and Public Health. The seminar is free and open to anyone working in Islington. Each seminar has a theme and the includes a range of speakers and opportunities for discussion. The meeting is a valuable way to share knowledge and expertise among professionals. Click the tab on the left for more information.

VAWG Training

The SIP provide a series of trainings and seminars that are open to anyone who works in Islington. Click the tab on the left for more information.

VAWG Resource Library

The SIP provide an online resource library which allows professionals to download key strategic documents and relevant guidelines relating to all the VAWG crime types. To access the library click the tab on the left.


The Islington Multi Agency Risk Assessment Conference (MARAC) is the borough's process for managing high risk victims of VAWG as it allows all key agencies to share information and create an individual safety plan around a person where they have been assessed as being high risk. For more information about MARAC click the tab on the left.

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