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Human Trafficking

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Human trafficking is a hidden crime. It is the movement of a person by means of deception, coercion or force for the purposes of exploitation (including sexual exploitation, forced begging, sacrificial worship or removal of human organs, as child brides or into sweat shops, circuses, farm labour and domestic servitude). In other words, it is the buying and selling of human beings and a form of modern slavery.

Human trafficking does not necessarily involve the movement of a person or people across country borders; millions of people are trafficked within their own country. It is the world’s fastest growing global crime.

To find out more about human trafficking, including case studies, statistics and more visit Stop the Traffik.

Getting Help

If you have been a victim of trafficking, or you are concerned about someone else, there is help available. You can call the Salvation Army 24-hour confidential Referral Helpline on 0300 3038151 available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. For a full list of the services that can support you if you have been a victim of trafficking visit our directory of domestic and sexual violence services.

Helping Others

The only way to eradicate human trafficking from our communities and help those who have been victims is to work together. The Islington Traffick Watch pack below contains information for residents about warning signs to be aware of in your community and who to get in contact with if you have concerns.

To report a crime dial 101 (non-emergency) and if you believe that someone is in immediate danger always dial 999.

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