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Islington Crime and Safety Summit

The Safer Neighbourhood Board, in partnership with the council and police in Islington, hosted the Islington Crime and Safety Summit on Saturday 5 March 2016. The event gave residents and other community members a chance to get involved in influencing how we tackle youth violence and knife crime in the borough, including the best ways to involve the community in prevention and diversion.

This was a collaborative community event, open to everyone. Residents heard from Roz Miller, chair of the Safer Neighbourhood Board, Cllr Richard Watts, the leader of the council, the Cllr Paul Convery, the council’s lead on Community Safety and Catherine Roper, the police Borough Commander. Other guest speakers talked about their projects and shared ideas for making Islington safer.

There will also an opportunity to elect four community representatives to the Safer Neighbourhood Board, which is responsible for managing local responses to crime and other aspects of community safety in Islington. You can find more about the board by clicking the link to the left hand of this page.

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