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CitySafe Havens for young people

​Islington is now part of the CitySafe Havens campaign 1d4317522a6b43d88ed8a107ff2d41e0
which offers young people a place to go, a Safe Haven, when they are feeling threatened.

The CitySafe Havens are local businesses or organisations with especially trained staff who can help young people when they are in a difficult situation.

CitySafe Havens is a part of City Safe that was designed and created by young people to tackle the issue of knife crime on the streets of London. It is a way for young people to work together with shopkeepers, the police and local authorities to reclaim the streets and to reconnect and build relationships across the community.

Through the CitySafe campaign young people and adults work together to:

  • Encourage local businesses and organisations to offer their premises as CitySafe Havens and pledge to report 100% of crime

  • Build stronger relationships with their peers, the police and neighbourhood organisations, strengthening their CitySafe Zone

  • Organise events that facilitate dialogue between police and young people, led by CitySafe Champions.

A Safe Haven is a public place where young people can seek refuge in a difficult situation.  Safe Havens sign a charter committing them to:

  • Pledge to report 100% of crime to the Police

  • Offer their premises as a safe haven for any young person in danger

  • Maintain a relationship with neighbours, police and the local community

  • Encourage their staff to attend CitySafe training

  • Refuse to sell alcohol, knives or other dangerous items to underage or drunk customers.

    Islington Town Hall, the council building in Newington Barrow Way and all ten libraries are council buildings that are part of the scheme.

To find out where all of the Safe Havens in Islington are please visit City Safe Havens Islington.

CitySafe Havens' buildings display the poster shown in the top right hand corner of this page. The campaign in Islington is dedicated to Martin Dinnegan who was tragically murdered in 2007.

If your organisation would like to become a CitySafe Haven please email Promise Campbell at Promise.Campbell@cof.org.uk

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