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Islington Councils public protection surveillance Camera system (often referred to as CCTV) is one of the tools used to tackle crime and anti-social behaviour (ASB) in the Borough of Islington. We are governed by a variety of Codes of Practice and Data Protection laws and strict guidelines.

Our CCTV operators are fully qualified in Public Space CCTV and are Police checked and Security Industry Registered (SIA).

Our Control Room is open 24 hours a day 365 days a year and is in constant two-way radio contact with the Metropolitan Police Service (MPS) and can direct emergency services and our own ASB officers to incidents as well as record evidence for the police and council services to use in their investigations.

Islington Council’s CCTV control room monitors 156 public space cameras within the borough, we also have 6 3G 20 4GHD re-deployable cameras (rdCCTV) that can be used on the Borough to deal with emerging problems Our cameras are capable of moving 360 degrees and positioned so that they do not intrude into private areas. All of these Islington Council cameras have a notice below them with a contact number. From the control room we also can access many cameras from housing estates across the Borough.

CCTV allows us to monitor streets and public spaces and can also be used as part of wider operations by the council public protection officers such as Licensing, Street trading, the police and other agencies In addition to assisting the police, our CCTV operators look out for illegal fly tipping, graffiti and acts of vandalism.

Please see Islington Council's code of practices:

Islington Surveillance Camera Code of Practice

Re-deployable Surveillance Camera Code of Practice

Islington CCTV Self Assessment Tool Surveillance Camera Commissioner 

SCC Islington Privacy Impact Assessment

Locations of our CCTV cameras

To find out where Islington CCTV cameras are located please see map below. 

Enter the address in capital letters to zoom in on a specific location. 


Storage of data

Storage and retrieval of CCTV images allows analysis of evidence after an event has occurred. The council stores images recorded from CCTV cameras for 31 days, after which time it is automatically deleted. If a request for evidential CCTV is made for litigation purposes, the relevant footage is saved for up to 3 months, after which time it will be deleted. To apply for access to CCTV personal information, please see  CCTV data requests for guidance and application form. 


Our CCTV is governed by the following legislation to protect your rights and privacy:
Information Commissioners Officer (ICO) Data Protection Act
Information Commissioners Office (ICO) CCTV Codes of Practice
Guides to the Twelve Principles (To be read in conjunction with Surveillance Code of Practice)
Surveillance Camera Code of Practice 2013
Freedom of Information Act 2000 


Islington council surveillance camera team take any concerns or complaints very seriously and have procedures for complaints. More often or not we have more demands for Surveillance cameras to be put in place than we do actual complaints about existing cameras.

In 2015 we received three informal complaints.

The first complaint was from a resident regarding a camera in Camden Road Islington pointing into private premises. This was resolved by informing the complainant that the camera did not belong to Islington Council and they were referred to Transport for London (TFL).

The second complaint was from a resident regarding a camera in Upper Street, Islington pointing into private premises. This was resolved by informing the complainant that the camera did not belong to Islington Council and they were referred to Transport for London (TFL).

The third complaint was with regards to a temporary camera being placed in the Highbury Barn area on a lamppost and a resident feared that it would be used to look into their premises and was not happy at a lack of consultation. The camera was Islington Councils and had been erected at short notice for the Arsenal Football Club FA Cup victory parade as part of crowd safety as large amounts of people were expected. The resident was informed that it was used the previous year successfully for this purpose and the viewing area was just the road and public footpaths. It was explained regarding that the laws dictate that we do not look into premises. The complainant was also informed that the camera would be taken down 4 days after the event. They were happy with this resolution. The camera was taken down on the given date.

We have not received any formal CCTV complaints for 2017.

Contact us

For more information about CCTV in Islington, please use the General Enquiry form on the Contact Us page.

For independent advice and guidance on surveillance cameras you can contact the Information Commissioner's Office helpline on 08456 30 60 60, or see The Information Commissioner's Office website.

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