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Tackling fuel poverty and enhancing quality of life and environment for all, now and for the future, is a key council priority. Islington seeks to secure the highest possible standards of sustainability in its buildings and built structures. Creating better designed, more energy efficient, affordable new homes will also contribute to tackling overcrowding and reducing fuel poverty.

Our approach to green buildings is broad – it includes maximising energy and water efficiency, encouraging use of renewable and low carbon energy, enhancing biodiversity, using sustainable materials, and ensuring effective adaptation to the predicted impacts of climate change, such as higher temperatures and more intense rainfall events.

Key issues to consider as part of designing/building green buildings include:

  • climate change adaptation
  • energy efficiency
  • green building case studies
  • green building materials
  • green roofs/walls and biodiversity
  • renewable energy on buildings
  • sustainable design and construction
  • sustainable urban drainage
  • water use

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Islington Council seeks to encourage the highest possible standards of sustainability both in new buildings and also in existing buildings. There are already a number of exemplar green buildings in Islington – for more information see Green Building case studies.

New buildings

Through the planning process, Islington Council encourages developers to achieve the highest levels of environmental performance in new developments. We robustly apply Islington’s own and London Plan planning policies relating to sustainability and we positively encourage and promote adoption of appropriate options and technologies. For more on sustainable design, see the Sustainable Design webpage.

Existing buildings

Greening existing buildings through measures such as improved insulation can help the environment and save money. In order to ensure everyone is able to green their home, we have produced guidance on sustainability for people living in conservation areas and listed buildings. This ensures improving building sustainability is balanced with protecting and enhancing historic character.

Council buildings

We are working hard to get our own house in order by improving the environmental performance of the Council’s buildings, including by tackling fuel poverty through upgrading the energy efficiency of Islington's social housing.

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