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Local Plan Representations

From 5 September until 18 October 2019, the council invited representations on the Proposed Submission (Regulation 19) Local Plan: Strategic and Development Management Policies, Site Allocations and Bunhill and Clerkenwell Area Action Plan Development Plan Documents.

Representations received during this period are being sent to the Inspector as part of the evidence base for submission and can be viewed below. 


Reg 19 ID Respondent name
R19.0011 Cllr Sue Lukes
R19.0014 Cllr Caroline Russell
R19.0082 Tom Copley and Nicky Gavron

Developers, landowners and businesses

Reg 19 ID Respondent name
R19.0012 Redacted
R19.0013 Redacted
R19.0026 FlowervaleUK Ltd
R19.0029 Redacted
R19.0034 HS1 Ltd
R19.0035 BMO Real Partners
R19.0038 Redacted
R19.0040 Chandler Bars Group Limited and Hornbee Limited
R19.0041 London & New York Ltd
R19.0043 Clearwell Creek Properties Ltd
R19.0048 Prudential Retirement Income Limited
R19.0049 Chartered Institute of Architectural Technologists
R19.0050 Shell U.K. limited
R19.0051 UBS c/o Reef Group
R19.0052 Omenport Developments Limited
19.0056 Alan Nagle
R19.0057 Universal Church of the Kingdom of God
R19.0058 Transeuropean Carriage Company
R19.0061 Kawal and Nancy International Limited
R19.0062 Fairview New Homes Ltd
R19.0063 Royal Mail Group Limited
R19.0066 The King’s Cross Baptist Church
R19.0068 Sir Antony Gormley
R19.0069 Bayshore Estates Ltd
R19.0074 Unite Students
R19.0076 Backgrounds Prop Hire
R19.0077 Brandon Road N7 Ltd
R19.0078 H.J Francis Ltd
R19.0079 iQ Student Accommodation
R19.0081 Tileyard Estates and Sand Catering
R19.0083 Ashburton Trading Limited
R19.0084 Big Sky Studios
R19.0086 Deepdale Investment Holdings
R19.0088 Fitzpatrick Team Developments Ltd
R19.0090 Grainger Plc
R19.0091 Great Ormond Street Hospital and Puttinu Cares Foundation
R19.0092 Grimaldi Holdings Limited
R19.0094 Line Planning
R19.0095 London & LA Ltd
R19.0096 Pause Living
R19.0097 Sensible Music Ltd
R19.0099 M & G Real Estate
R19.0101 GMS Estates Limited
R19.0102 Studiomakers
R19.0103 British Property Federation
R19.0106 Home Builders Federation
R19.0107 Kentucky Fried Chicken Ltd
R19.0109 Legal and General UK Property Fund
R19.0110 London First
R19.0113 Quod
R19.0114 Sunnyside Road Land Limited
R19.0115 The Bomb Factory
R19.0117 Waitrose Limited
R19.0120 Picton Property Income Ltd
R19.0122 Bee Midtown
R19.0123 Muslim Welfare House
R19.0124 Bendenis Properties Limited
R19.0125 Dawnelia Developments One Limited
R19.0126 EMA Textiles Ltd
R19.0127 Metropolitan (Chiswell) Limited
R19.0128 Noble House Projects Ltd
R19.0129 Owner of 250-254 Old Street
R19.0130 Peabody Group
R19.0131 The Methodist Church
R19.0132 Tileyard London Limited
R19.0133 VDC Trading Limited
R19.0134 Taylor Wimpey Central London
R19.0135 Groveworld Limited
R19.0136 C. Carnevale Limited
Embankment Building and Development Ltd
R19.0141 Lambs Passage Real Estate Limited
R19.0142 LaSalle Investment Management
R19.0143 Lion Portfolio Ltd
R19.0144 Ministry of Justice
R19.0145 Moorfields Eye Hospital NHS Trust and the UCL Institute of Ophthalmology (Project Oriel)
R19.0146 Regent's Wharf Unit Trust
R19.0147 Royal UK Properties III LLC
R19.0148 Skylla Properties Limited
R19.0149 TfL Commercial Development
R19.0150 Christine Humphreys and Matthew Marchbank
R19.0151 City, University of London
R19.0153 Lothbury Investment Management
R19.0156 Travis Perkins Plc
R19.0157 Berjaya UK Investment and Development Limited
R19.0159 CEMEX
R19.0163 University of the Arts London
R19.0164 Nexcon Solutions Ltd
R19.0165 Big Yellow Self Storage Company Ltd
R19.0167 Dominvs Group
R19.0170 Gladquote Ltd
R19.0171 Hondo Enterprises
R19.0173 JPA Investments
R19.0174 London Centric Ltd


London Metropolitan Archives
R19.0176 London Metropolitan University
R19.0178 Peabody
R19.0182 Queen Mary University of London
R19.0185 Resurrection Manifestations

Campaign groups and local societies


Statutory consultees


Reg 19 ID Respondent name
R19.0064 Fossil Free Islington
R19.0065 Islington Labour Environmental Forum
R19.0067 Highbury Community Association
R19.0080 Social Value Portal
R19.0087 Don't let Islington Council stop the future growth of creative industries
Please note that this representation was sent to the Council by 1,067 individual representors.
R19.0089 Good jobs, clean air in Islington
Please note that this representation was sent to the council by 398 individual representors.
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